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Sunday, August 31, 2008

100km glasshouse trail run

This is happening Sep 13th 2008. This is a special race for me, so I will blog in into its own blog site for posterity. See HERE.

Monday, August 11, 2008

September, 2008.  Glasshouse Mountains - Beerburrum Qld.  Ultra Marathon.  100 km.

Pre Race


I was anxious, scared, worried and excited by this race.  More than any other.  For the four days before, it consume almost all of my waking moments.

BTW: This will be a short race report, with more pics and videos and less words.  (Yay - from readers?)


The 50km course starts at Beerburrum state school (checkpoint 2 (CP2)), and it then goes to cover 100km along the possible hardest route.

Checkpoints: 2 (Beerburrum state school), 2a (Mt Beerburrum summit), 3,4,5,6,8,8,8,7,7,6,5,2

Map of the checkpoints available below.



The goal was simply to make the distance.  100km is much further than I have ever run before.

Race Plan (summarised below)

Sep 2008    100km    Glendry Plan                               

clock time  from to   dist    diff cum     pace        leg time    CP stop     cum leg time    comments

06:00:00    2    2a   1.90    H    1.90    00:08:30    00:16:09    00:00:10    00:16:19    climb beerburrum

06:16:09    2a   3    7.20    L    9.10    00:06:00    00:43:12    00:00:10    00:59:41    mostly flat & wide

06:16:19    3    4    6.10    L    15.20   00:06:20    00:38:38    00:01:30    01:39:49    bush & rolling hills

06:56:27    4    5    6.5     H    21.70   00:07:00    00:45:30    00:01:00    02:26:19    goat track

07:42:57    5    6    5.60    M    27.30   00:08:00    00:44:48    00:01:00    03:12:07    tricky ridge tracks

08:28:45    6    8    10.70   H    38.00   00:08:10    01:27:23    00:01:30    04:41:00    Powerlines

09:57:38    8    8    10.80   M    48.80   00:08:45    01:34:30    00:03:00    06:18:30    via 8a

11:35:08    8    8    8.00    H    56.80   00:08:30    01:08:00    00:03:00    07:29:30    via 8b (large loop)

12:46:08    8    7    8.00    L    64.80   00:08:00    01:04:00    00:02:00    08:35:30    sandy tracks

13:52:08    7    7    4.40    L    69.20   00:07:30    00:33:00    00:01:30    09:10:00    unknown

14:26:38    7    6    8.20    M    77.40   00:07:45    01:03:33    00:03:00    10:16:33    rolling hills

15:33:11    6    5    10.60   H    88.00   00:08:30    01:30:06    00:03:00    11:49:39    via Beerwah

17:06:17    5    2    12.00   L    100.00  00:07:30    01:30:00    00:03:00    13:22:39    past 4a and 1a

18:39:17              100                              13:22:39   

The Race

CP 2 (Beerburrum State School) - CP 3 (Old Gympie Rd (dirt) cnr Eaton Rd) - including Beerburrum Mnt climb - 11km

We all started off at 6am, and set off for the Beerburrum climb.  I remembered from last year that it was hard, but my god, it is very hard on the legs.  Particularly my calves.  They were getting roasted.  I stopped a couple of times for a few seconds.  Everyone was walking, it was 1k into a 100km race!

WE took a different course to normal, and so at one point I called everyone back, because I thought we were going the wrong way.  After a Kangaroo court, I was found guilty of slowing us all down and we proceeded the way we were going.  I was dubious though.  I was wrong.  We trotted out to three and I met Kelly and Dan from UK and a chap whose name I forgot with whom I have a mutual friend in Gary Kerswell from Qld Police.

No pics from CP3, because my crew friend deserted me and didnt show up...  :)

CP 3 (Old Gympie Rd (dirt) cnr Eaton Rd) - CP 4 (in the boonies) - 6.1 km

I met a chap from the UK called Dan (Daniel Bleakman).  We would run together for about 30km.  We chatted and took it easy along this section, but we were talking marathons etc and it was enjoyable.  It was still early, so it was nice and cool.  I still had on the full tights.

On this section, Tugger, the leader in the 100 mile race passed us.  They started 30 mins before us, but also did a 10km loop that we didnt do.  That means he had made up all that time and caught us well before CP4, the second checkpoint.  He was flying.  But still nice enough to slow down and chat to us for a minute, before powering on and climbing a hill on the run that we were resigned to walk up else blow our legs 20km into the race.  Hat's off to you Tugger.

At CP4 I relieved to see the Black Kluger and Norm, DEon and Troy.  They ook some good photos and footage.  The CREW had arrived!  

My sandwich was missing, or I forgot to pack it.  Either way there was lots of goodies there, and I took a few bits of lots of stuff.

CP4 (in the boonies) - CP5 (Connection Rd, near the lookout, Beerburrum) - 6.5km

A couple more 100 milers passed us in this section, Blue Dog and someone else I didnt know.  Dan and I kept chatting and taking it easy.  It was an easy section at first, but then we did the first section of the goat track.  Things heated up quickly and we started to walk some serious hills.  It was a very hard section, and it was very early on.  I wasn't expecting to struggle until I got to the power lines section, but struggle I did.

Pic1 is us coming into CP5 from the lookout area.  Pic 2 is Dan and I getting fed, watered and reset.  Pic 3 is me getting ready to leave for CP6 with a great view of Mt Beerwah in the background.

CP5 - CP6 (off Woodford Beerburrum Rd) - 5.6km

Another very hard section of the Goat Track.  We were well depressed when we got to CP6.  We had a long way to go, and it was getting hot.  My legs were getting chewed and it was the first time (of many) where even I started to wonder if I would finish this race.  I hate to admit it.  I should have some footage, which I will post to youtube and link to here.

At this CP I shed the long tights and replaced with knee length.  I still needed the chaffing protection, but not the warmth.

CP6 - CP8 (McConnell Rd, near Raaen Rd) - 10.7km

Deon joined us at the top of the Powerlines section and I enjoyed the company.  Its a long deep valley with some hideous terrain, and hills everywhere.

We slowly pulled away from Dan, the powerlines section was taking its toll on him it seemed.  I felt bad for keeping on going, but I need to move at my own pace, and there was every liklihood that I would falter later while he improved and caught up.   From the top, the powerlines section looks like this:

CP8 - CP8 (via 8a) - CP8 (via b8) - CP818.8km

If the powerlines section wasnt bad enough, the two loops at CP8 are somehow worse.  The climb out of the loops back up to the checkpoint is so tough.  Especially after a trail marathon.  I hadnt even hit half way in this race, it was very hot, I was very sore and I was getting really worried about a DNF.  

In this section the 100k and 100 mile get weighed and are not allowed to continue if you have lost too much weight.  Despite drinking and eating continuously, I had lost 1kg.  That was troubling, because hydration is a 15hr event is a very bad omen.  Even 1% dehydration can decrease performance by as much as 5%.

I had a fall on the 8a loop, and scratched up my arm and arse.  It was no big deal, but at the time, I didnt need any more difficulties.  I was running the 8a loop alone, and I was still not even at half way.  I knew the hardest half was the first one, but I did NOT feeling like running another 52km.

It was awesome to see the crew here, Deon and Troy had left for home, and Dazzler, Matt and Duggy had arrived, with Duggy's daughter Michayla.  I dont know what the crew thought of my mental state, but I was feeling down, and suffering in the heat.

On the second loop at 8, I caught up with Alun at the checkpoint.  He was doing the 100mile race, and so we did 8b toghether and had a good rest, walking much of the way.  I was glad to have finished the two loops, and I only had to get to CP7, a sandy flat 8km away before heading in the right direction for home.

CP 8 - CP 7 - CP7 (God knows - near Woodford) - 12.2 km

I had a bad fall in this section, running fast and clipping a tree root.  I bashed down hard, and my hammy cramped because my lower leg bent up to my bum.   I caught up with another 100 miler, Tamsin, who is a champ and we had a quick chat before she left me in the dust.  I ran quite a few good sections here, and made CP7 is good time.  The crew were waiting there.

CP 7 - CP 6  - 8.2km

I felt good early in this section, and was running near Rachel Waugh (100m) and Steven ? (100k).  The pepsi donated to me by Adrian Pearce at CP7 was going down well.  Although I couldnt run for more than 1km without walking to recover.  The legs were chewed.  I was dying to get to CP6, because I knew Toghes would be there with Fiona and Joshua.  After that, it was one checkpoint left, but two long sections: 8km from 7-6.  10km from 6-5 and then 12km from 5 to the finish.  When I ran into the checkpoint, Josh came running to me and we ran in together.  It was so nice to see the new crew.  Fiona was in fine form and being a great supporter.  Everything everyone says is heard and absorbed, but sometimes I dont have the wherewithal to respond in kind.

It was getting dark, and I knew that even though I didnt want to, I would have to put another layer on top.

Youtube link  to the video at CP6

CP6 - CP5 - 10km

There is a long undulating section after CP6, and it got dark fast.  I hate the headlamp and the torches, and it was a long section, being 10km.  Normally a 10km run for me at the moment I could knock over in 43 minutes and enjoy it, but this was going to be the longest 10km ever.  Dark, cold, sore and tired.  The last 5km of this section is the third hardest on the course, and I call it the dungeon.  Norm ran with me holding a third torch, which really helped.  It was a hard, tricky dark section.  Steve caught up to us again here, and shared the light.  We walked/ran most of the way home from there until his ankle gave out and he struggled in the last couple of kms.

CP5 - CP2 - 12km - the finish

Toghes ran along with, helping with torch light.  It was great to have some different company again.  I tried not to whine too much, but I just wanted it to be over.  I knew the section from CP5 to the school very well and I was very upset when the course marking took us a different, longer, harder way.  At the point where I thought I had four flat kilometers to go, the course marking took us in the opposite direction, around Mt Beerburrum the long way.  It was much hillier and the terrain was bad, especially at night.

To make things worse, my GPS watch battery died 3 kms from the finish and I didnt get all my stats recorded.

I finished with GREAT relief, had soem soup, and a cold foot bath and a good old sit down.


This race was an amazing life experience.  I have never pushed myself so hard for so long.  It started at 6am and finished a 9:35pm.  No more than a 5 min break at checkpoints.

Many of the CREW have reported in and said that they enjoyed the day, I dont quite believe them, but I reckon I am lucky to have as many as 12 friends who would drive so far and hang around for so long just to let me be snarky with them.  The first 80km was a full hour harder than the 80 I did in May, and then the last 20km was just hell on earth, and took 3.5 hrs, instead of 2.5.  I really struggled in the last 20, and so I was pleased to have Norm and Toghes with me to share the experience.  A special mention to Norm, who was there for 14 hrs, skipping lunch, and got everything, including crew changeovers without me having to worry.  He would do anything for me, and is a great guy.

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Everybody dies – but not everybody lives…

100km trail run

Well I have dog-gone and done it now, I have entered the 100km trail race for Septmeber 2008. It is a scant 4 weeks away on the 13th September, I had better go for some longer runs...

I am pretty terrified of this race, as it has EVERY tough Glasshouse section in it. Powerlines, goat track, loops at 8a and 8b and Beerwah. And Oh Lord, that section at Beerwah is hands and knees stuff, and its at the 77km mark. This is a 9000 calorie race. That's 72 bottles of gatorade.

Its 6am start, so I will be finishing at 7pm. Start and Finish at Beerburrum state school. I hope to have a crew of helpers in Bomber, Dazzler, Blox and maybe one or two of Smutty, Batman and Stormin, but we will see how they go with logistics.

Cowa fucking bunga

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Moisty Diff Shenanigans

Great write-up, here.

Hey - there is still more to see, posts previous to the one above exist in the archives, available on the right hand column.