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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Inaugrual Six Towers Challenge completed

We held the first of many Six Towers Challenge this morning. It was a successful event. We had 7 competitors (Girvo, Glen, Whytey, Toghes, Craig, Piltzy, Matty). All did very well. It is a diabolical 8km out and back course along 6 power towers in the Glasshouse Mountains, between Beerburrm and Woodford (its a section of the May ultra I did). The challenge is that in the race, you are allowed to use a MTB, and it was proposed that no advantage would be gained, you can see the course to the left of and behind the boys in the pic above. Held true, and the mountain bike came in in a respectable 4th place, after 3 hardcore endos, and a few good stacks. Toghes is well scraped up.

It is a really really hard course, and a very good workout. Some calories were annihilated today. Next time we need more MTBers, to make it more challengeful.

Girvo 46:10 (23:45 turn split)
Glen 46:20
Whytey 47:00
Toghes 59:00 (MTB + 6 stacks)
Craig 1:03:00
Piltzy 1:04:00
Smutty 1:13:00 (went too far - wront turn)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back MTGing (Toghes has these all over):


Monday, August 06, 2007

Ultra marathon 2

I loved the first trail ultra so much that I entered the second in July 2007. It was a 50km this time, and a bit easier than the May event. Still at Glasshouse mountains, but from Beerburrum state school. Two laps. Was great, ran way too fast for the first lap, and then plonked the second lap, but still had a great time, and ripped a PB. See here for details.


Well, I have gone fishtank mad again. I have a big saltwater aquarium stuck in the middle of the lounge room and I love staring into it and fiddling with the filters and plumbing - thank god for RCD safety switches. If you want, you can see some pics here

Ultramarathon 1

I considered/feared/entered/trained/started/raced/finished my first ultra marathon in May 2007. It was a 53km trail run up at the glasshouse mountains, my favorite race series of the year. Start and finish at Woodford - I think we ran to Gympie. Results and race report can be found at

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