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Saturday, December 31, 2005

US in US

Timelines for flights (Jan and Feb)

5 Jan 2006 1250h Fiona and Josh leave Seattle
6 Jan 2006 1950h Fiona and Josh leave Seoul
7 Jan 2006 1105h Fiona and Josh leave Sydney
7 Jan 2006 1130h Fiona and Josh arrive in Brisbane

sat 4th feb - AS530 - 1840h fly seattle->LA (arrive LA 2111h) (QF3754)
sat 4th feb - QF0176 - 2355h fly LA->bris
mon 6th feb - Arrive Brisbane 0730h (Brisbane time)

wed 15th feb - QF0175 - 1210h fly bris->LA
wed 15th feb - QF3739 - 1030h fly LA->seattle
wed 15th feb - Arrive LA then Seattle

Cool gas station for smokers

Hey, in our travels, we saw a gas station which thought that the whole 'petrol blowing up' thing is a bit of an exxageration, the owner wanted to open up his establishment to the obviously disciminated against smokers... see pic.


Drive home

OMG!. What a mission. After 40hrs of driving, and THREE closed roads, one of which may be the biggest road in the world (USA's I-5, linking LA -> Seattle) we finally made it home.

California, Oregon and Washington states have been hit by big rain storms, and rivers are overflowing and landslides are covering highways. On the drive home, at 8pm, near where we were going to be staying overnight, we got turned around due to a closed road for the second time, where I had to drive 3 hrs in the exact wrong direction, to get a route home. It was painful, we stayed overnight in a motel, only to be stopped the next morning after 1 hr, because the I5 was totally closed. 20 miles of cars were blocked and he raced to the small town of Yreka and filled the motels. I stood in line for 45 mins and bagged one of the last rooms. We got tanked and waited out the storm. We drove home and arrived back in Bellevue just tonight. There were a few worrying moments for me, when I thought we might get stuck in California for a few days and miss Fiona's flight home.

Great trip, scary drive home, cool things seen, lots of country drivvded.


Twin Peaks

We went to Twin Peaks while in SF. It is a very cool spot, right up above the city, near the TV broadcasting towers. It has good views of the bridge and the bay. But it was a bit cloudy the day we went up unfortunately.

Friday, December 30, 2005


Alcatraz is very close to Sanf Frans fishermans wharf, and is a very cool looking island. I could swim it easy if I escaped. Fiona loved this trip, the ferry ride was rolling hard, we walked the island for about 4 hours, and saw learned lots of cool things about it.


San Fran

San Fran was big and interesting, remarkably east to drive around, but foggy furing our stay. The bay is so big, that it is not easily distinguishable as a bay from any land angle. The streets are awesomely hilly and straight, with the exception of Lombard st, which is the crookedest street in the world, we drove down with hoardes of others, I'd hate to live there.

Our four star 100yo hotel charged up US49 per DAY for parking, US15 per DAY for internet, US13 per DAY for gym usage, plus tips for every prick that touched anything you owned. It is an expsensive place. Fiona loved it, I hated it.


Shasta Caverns

On the way to San Francisco we stopped into Shasta Caverns, which was excellent. Attached are some pics. The SF trip was/is very eventful, see next posts.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Mount St Helens

The mountain is active. Just now, on TV, Mt St Helen's has become active again. 25 yrs ago, she exploded and killed 57 people. It is 300km from our house, and as I write this, I am only 100kms from it. Crazy stuff. CheersNBeers.

Eugene - Oregon - its happenin

Posting from Eugene, Oregon. Its a happenin place alright. We have docked into the Best Value Motel for the stay tonight (XMAS) before the bigger drive down to Shasta Caverns tomorrow. Shasta caverns, for the full tour, then on to San Fran, for 3 nights.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Snoqualmie Snow Tubing

Tubing was awesome, dangerous and awesome. No control of the tube, and fun to boot.

Olympic Peninsula

We did the highway 101 drive right around the Olympic mountains on the Olympic peninsula of Washington. It was awesome. We saw the harsh west coast beach line, we stayed overnight in Port Angeles in a beautiful B&B, we saw the Hoh rainforest, we saw cool lakes and forestries with massive Fir trees, we saw the Naval underwater warfare museum and much more. Some pics.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Well next weekend is the big Frisco trip. I will be online at nights at hotels id say and will post pics and stories throughout next week. Feel free to call me on +1-206-661-5407 (if you know me) and see where we are at. We will be away from Seattle from Dec 25-Dec 31.

We are driving the whole way in the shiny new 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, with supercharger and heated leather seats. Its also got fancy trip computer, with compass (essential in the USA) and outside air temp, which is thankfully switchable between celcius and farenheight.


Monday, December 19, 2005

Ice Hockey

I was torn you see. I am living in Seattle, but I work in Everett. So when the mighty Seattle Thunderbirds take on the Everett Silvertips, I just didn't know who to barrack for. Ice hockey is a magnificent game. The field is small, so the crowd is close, and the action is excellent. They whip that puck around with blinding speed, and the crunch when someone gets crushed and then slides down the perspex facing the crowd is just super. Heres a quick pick - if you get a chance, go see some Ice Hockey.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Stevens Pass & Leavenworth

We drove east to Stevens Pass and the baravian town of Leavenworth. It was a beautiful day with clear skies and very cold conditions. It was -7 deg C in Stevens Pass (see pic 1), and it looked like a really nice Ski resort. Rae Ann and Pat, and their 3 boys, Brady (8), Ryan (6) and Max (3) convoyed with us, after we stayed at their place Sat night. The boys all play well together.

We played in the snow at Stevens Pass and then kept on to Leavenworth. The drive from the pass to Leavenworth is easily the most beautiful road I have ever driven. It got colder and colder until the cars readout said -10 deg C. The streams were frozen up (see pic 2). Wonderful sights.

Leavenworth was really cool (and really cold). We did some shopping and had some lunch. See pic 3.


Friday, December 16, 2005

Its cold...

Its cold here. Its colder here outside during the day, than it is in your Brisbane fridge on its coldest setting. Its colder here outside during the day, than the coldest Brisbane winter night. Its not winter here yet for another 10 days. The pic is of Snoqualmie, 30mins from my house. Driving got interesting...

Things are good. Last weekend was the big drive around the Olympic peninsula, I will post some pics. This weekend (Dec 16/17) is a quiet one, with the exchange participants xmas party tonight, and a lazy Saturday (just a long run for me) and a drive to the Snow at Levanworth on Sunday.

More soon

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Hendry's in Seapple


Gonna post some USA happenings here as a central location. Feel free to check up on me.

Hey - there is still more to see, posts previous to the one above exist in the archives, available on the right hand column.